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Exotic Pet Care

Care for nontraditional pets.

If you’re in need of an amphibian or reptile vet, you’re in luck. We provide care for many exotic and nontraditional pets ranging from reptiles to avians to amphibians to arachnids. Whether you want to discuss how you can create a comfortable habitat for your pet or you have questions about what to feed them, we’re here to help.

We offer preventive care, nutritional advice, and general care recommendations for the following exotic pets:

  • Venomous snakes
  • Non-venomous snakes
  • Turtles
  • Tortoises
  • Bearded dragons
  • Iguanas
  • Chameleons
  • Geckos
  • Primates
    • At We Care Animal Hospital: We can discuss basic husbandry and diet to help trouble shoot problems in these areas. We can discuss spay/neuter procedures to help you decide if that is something you wish to pursue for your primate and perform those procedures. We do NOT carry or administer any primate vaccines at our facility. We do NOT perform dental procedures involving removing teeth. We do our very best to assist in times of illness; however, due to our hours of operation, it is possible we will not be able to assist you in the event of an emergency. It is important to understand we do NOT specialize in nonhuman primates, nor are we involved in the latest research and education regarding nonhuman primates. We do not see a large number of primates per year, and we also have very limited staff who have any experience at all with primates. We are general practice veterinarians who try to help people with their pets when we can. That is all We Care Animal Hospital can offer.

Additional services our exotic pet vets offer include routine care, sick and injured care, and surgery.

If you have questions about how we can help you best care for your nontraditional pet, call us at (715) 823-8387 to schedule a consultation.

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